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 Call Mynah - Mobile Cell Phone Call Recorder - works with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and more

Call Mynah is the world's first call recorder for all Bluetooth equipped mobile cell phones. It quickly and easily connects to any mobile cell phone using Bluetooth and is packed with professional call recording features. Call Mynah can even announce to callers that your calls are being recorded, if you wish.

Call Mynah is compatible with any mobile cell phone equipped with Bluetooth. Most modern mobile phone have Bluetooth, including  Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android, HTC, Samsung, Nokia etc. Until now, it has been almost impossible to find a neat call recording solution for the iPhone and Blackberry. Call Mynah allows you to record your iPhone and Blackberry phone calls!

You can choose to record all calls or specific calls. You can make or receive calls using your mobile phone as you normally would, and Call Mynah will record your calls. Or, you can use Call Mynah to make and receive calls, and keep your phone in your pocket or on your desk. Call Mynah can ring, flash and vibrate - in essence working as a small parallel phone connected via Bluetooth to your own mobile cell phone. It also displays caller ID, and records the date, time and duration of each call. It does all this whether you wish to use Call Mynah to make/receive calls or use your mobile phone as you normally would. It is your choice. The best way to think of Call Mynah is that it operates like a Bluetooth headset, you can choose to use it or speak through your phone. Either way, it will be recording your calls.


Watch our 4 minute quick look Call Mynah video:



Call Mynah also comes with software, so you can easily transfer, store and replay recorded calls on your computer. While this is a handy and valuable way to back up, email and catalogue your recordings, you can choose to replay calls directly using Call Mynah.



 Call Mynah is easy to use and comes packed with powerful call recording features:



Call Mynah Mobile Cell Phone Recorder  $234.30  (Incl. GST, Australia), $213 (International $AUD)



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