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 Call Recorders - for almost any phone: home / cordless / office / mobile / digital / 2 way radio / microphones and more.


Mobile Cell Phone Recording

Record almost any brand and model of mobile cell phone

 Soho Mobile - recording for Nokia mobile cell phones

  Recording software easily installs on most Nokia handsets.
  Nothing extra to carry, use your handset normally. 
  800 hours recording typically on 2 GB memory.
  Record all calls or selected calls on your Nokia mobile cell phone
  Easily transfer recorded calls to your PC.
  Easy installation and setup, no tools required.
  Silent recording - no beeps (model dependent - see brochure)

  For select Nokia phones only. For all other phones and brands please consider Call Mynah  ----->
  Price: $85 (Incl. GST, Australia), $77 (International $AUD)

Soho Range

Single telephone recording for home, office etc

 PhoneLink - telephone recording adaptor for home or office  Soho Soft - Use your computer to record phone calls

Telephone recording adaptor for use with your recording device
Standalone operation
Easy installation, no tools required.
Connects to either phone handset* or line* and provides audio output
Either Digital* or Analogue* output
This is only an interface, you will need to provide your own recorder
 Silent recording - no beeps
Price range: $99 - $164 (Incl. GST, Australia), $90 - $149 (International $AUD)
(* Denotes the feature is PhoneLink model dependent)


Record calls to your PC / Laptop
Standalone operation
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32 or 64 bit)
Automatic or Selective call recording
Time and Date stamping.
Easy call searching
Compact file size for convenient emailing recorded calls.
Copying recorded calls
Easy installation, not tools required.
 Silent recording - no beeps
Price range: $198 - $314 (Incl. GST, Australia), $180 - $285 (International $AUD). One off cost per installation.

 Soho Soft Pro - soho soft with added security  Soho Portable - small digital phone recorder for home or office

Record calls to your PC / Laptop.
Same features as Soho Soft, except with added security.
Security helps prevent unauthorised access and tampering of recorded calls and recording program.

 Prevent users from playing recordings.
 Silent recording - no beeps
Price: $383 (Incl. GST, Australia), $348 (International $AUD)


Small, lightweight, portable, multifunction, rechargeable battery
Multifunctional suitable to record telephone, face to face interviews, meetings, conferences, etc.
Portable take anywhere design
Massive audio storage 130 hours
Up to 15 hours operation on inbuilt rechargeable battery
Universal USB battery charging
Standalone Operation
Easy to use and quick setup
Easily transfer recorded calls to your PC.
 Silent recording - no beeps
Price range: $318 - $361 (Incl. GST, Australia), $289 - $328 (International $AUD)

 Soho TransPortable - standalone recorder for one phone   All In One - phone and recorder in one.

Compact, mount anywhere, mains operation.
Set and forget.
Huge storage of 20,000+ hours
Time and date stamping
Easily installed, no tools needed
No setup required, simply switch on and start recording
Easily relocated
Great for personal use or call centres for spot check recording.
 Silent recording - no beeps
Price:$989 (Incl. GST, Australia), $899 (International $AUD)


Everything in one unit
Multifunction unit with Phone, call recorder , CD, + huge feature set.
Comprehensive business machine.
See brochure for more details.
Message announcement
PC interface
PC Fax
Handsfree phone
Headset compatible
Logs: time, date, called number and received number, etc
Standalone operation
 Silent recording - no beeps
Price: $2,475 (Incl. GST, Australia), $2,250 (International $AUD)


Business Range

Economical business multi-telephone call recording

 Business - Satellite - single phone linked recorder  Business - Origin Lite - multi channel recorder
Low cost multi-input recorder with agent evaluation features.
Standalone or centralised network linked.
Easily expandable at low cost - simply add more Satellite Agent units.
Any location (single site, multi-site, office+home based workers).
2 versions of Agent recording product available, either an independent recorder unit or software installed on Agent PC/Laptop.
Manager can remote access agent calls to replay, store and evaluate.
Local and Network archiving.
Robust security to prevent unauthorised access, replay of calls, call tampering and access to recorder software.
Free seating,
Multi-user access
Call Tagging
Time and date stamping.
Evaluate agents, add assessment ratings, add agent assessment score/rating on per agent call basis, add comments (or customer account number, etc).
 Silent recording - no beeps
Priced from: $493 (Incl. GST, Australia), $448 (International $AUD)

Economical multi-telephone trunk line (ISDN or PSTN)
Centralised Recording Server
Set & forget unit, no setup required, simply connect to phone lines and switch on.
Time and date stamping
Search by time, date, agent, call direction (inbound/outbound), dialed or received phone number.
Large Storage capacity
 Silent recording - no beeps
Priced from: $3,295 (Incl. GST, Australia), $2,995 (International $AUD)

Enterprise Series

Top of the range multi-telephone call recording

Models – Origin, Executive and Maxi systems

The Enterprise Series is our top of the range recording solution. With the ability to record analogue, ISDN, digital extensions and VOIP all in the one box, it is the perfect recorder for any business.

  Robust and Flexible, configure in many different ways Real time phone monitoring
  Feature rich Remote replay and admin
  Full compatibility and integration between different Enterprise Recorder models. Extensive call search and call tagging
  Different type inputs in one system, e.g. telephone+2way radio+PA+Meeting room Transcription
  Record telephone trunk lines or PBX extensions (Analogue, Digital or VoIP) Fax recording
  2way Radio special features including noise cancellation. Black & White recording list
  Agent performance assessment Variable speed replay
  Silent recording - no beeps (inbuilt beep available if needed for Analogue/PSTN) Copy and export calls easily
  Upgradable, add extra recording channels and optional features as needed. Automatic audio level compensation
  100% duty rated. Record all channels simultaneously Customisation available

A true multi channel recorder perfect for call centers or anyone wishing to have centralised and secure recording.

With remote replay and admin access direct on your computer or laptop, you can listen to calls in real time from anywhere.

If you are after fully distributed recording, with recorders spread across multiple offices/locations, all linked to a central controller, then our Maxi Enterprise recording system is the solution.

We have designed the Enterprise Series to be feature rich and highly customisable, to meet the demanding needs of your multi channel recording requirements.


 Enterprise - Origin - multi channel recorder  Enterprise - Executive - multi channel recorder

Feature enhanced
Centralised Recording Server
Up to 24 inputs
Recording for trunk PSTN, ISDN or PBX extensions (Analogue, Digital or VoIP)

Priced from: $5,499 (Incl. GST, Australia), $4,999 (International $AUD)



Feature enhanced
Similar to Origin, except expandable to larger maximum capacity of recording inputs.
Centralised Recording Server
Up to 60 inputs
Recording for trunk PSTN, ISDN or PBX extensions (Analogue, Digital or VoIP)

Priced from: $9,127 (Incl. GST, Australia), $8,297 (International $AUD)

Enterprise - Maxi - top of the range multi channel recorder

Any capacity – recording input, storage, Local or Network storage
Distributed ‘building block’ system
Fully compatible with Origin & Executive.
Centralised Recorder Server or Distributed system

Recording for trunk PSTN, ISDN or PBX extensions (Analogue, Digital or VoIP)
Call or email for pricing

The Rest of Our Range

Special Purpose Recorders + Audio Tools and Services

 Special Purpose Recorders  Audio Tools & Services

eSpy, Black Box, Emergency, Security, Mining + Customised

To see our range of Special Purpose Recorders,

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Transcription, Agent Evaluation, Call Statistics, Audio Analysis Tools, Phone Answering Devices + Customised Development

To see our range of Audio Tools + Services

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  Technology Ten is a manufacturer of phone recorders and call recording solutions.

Our phone recorder range covers mobile phones, home phones, office pbx phones, voip phones, small office, large organisations, call centres and government. Customers around the world use our products daily for call quality, legal, business intelligence and investigative situations.
Our special purpose recorders are designed for eSPY, emergency, security, mining and military situations. We offer integration into your CRM or other systems and custom feature development. Call statistics and agent evaluation options provide powerful analytical insight. We also sell telephone headsets and power (UPS) systems to compliment our recording range.
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