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 FAQs - Soho Soft / Soho Portable / Soho TransPortable / Satellite series call recorders



Frequently Asked Questions:



My company does not allow recording software to be installed on our PC / Laptops or network as security and virus prevention policy.  What recording solutions do you recommend?

Soho Portable, Soho Transportable and Satellite Agent TP. The above are standalone recording solutions that do not require interfacing to your PC/Laptop or network.  They also have the benefit of being easy to be relocated and shared amongst many users.


I am a journalist and require a universal recording solution to record telephone calls, face to face interviews and meetings at any time and anywhere.

Soho Portable or Soho TransPortable is best for you.  They include inbuilt microphones for face to face or small meeting group recording.  Also can be used with customer supplied external microphones or boundary microphones for large audience/meeting recording.


Do you ship globally?

Yes, we do ship globally.  Regardless of where you are we will get it to you.


Do these recorders inject noise or a warning tone/message onto the telephone line the other party can hear? 

No, they are completely silent in operation. If an advisory or warning message is required, this is the responsibility of the user to provide, or in the case of corporate business users, the phone system itself is usually able to provide a preannouncement message before the call is answered by you. 


I am not so experienced with computers or technology in general, which recording solution is the easiest to install and use?  

Frankly, these solutions are all easy to install and use. They can be installed by anyone in a few minutes without the need for tools, special skills or a technician. If you do need advice or help to install, understand features or operate your Technology Ten product, we provide FREE support by either (your choice):

a. Calling us for prompt support during business hours, Sydney Australian, either *AEST or *AEDT.

                                       i.  Australian callers:   (02) 8004 2836

                                       ii.      International callers:   +61 2 8004 2836

b.      Email us any time : support@technologyten.com

 * AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time

* AEDT – Australian Eastern Daylight-saving Time


What if I have a problem and cannot resolve the installation or operational  issue myself?  

We provide a FREE support service and we are only too glad to assist. Contact us either by email or phone. See above.


Will Soho Soft work on my Apple Mac or Linux computer?

Unfortunately not. Soho Soft will only operate on a Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer (32 or 64 bit). For Mac or Linux users we recommend Soho Portable.


I installed the Soho Soft recording solution to my PC / Laptop but it stopped working after about a week.  What is wrong?

This typically indicates you have not completed the software activation process and simply had been running on the limited trial period of 5 days. The software is designed to stop operation after 5 days if not activated. To activate please follow the activation process as described in the user guide. The user guide can be accessed on the CD (if CD supplied) or directly within the Soho Soft application – under the ‘HELP’ tab.


The recording quality is poor and noisy which is not what I expected.

Typically this is a recorder setup issue that is easily corrected.  Contact our FREE support service to help guide you through the setup fine tuning process.



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