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 FAQs - Transcription



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the transcription process?

For you, the customer, it is simple and all done in a few easy steps. Technology Ten has developed a process that ensures our projects are completed with as much professionalism and efficiency as possible. This process can be broken down into the following easy steps:

     1. You send us your audio file (almost any digital format or tape size).

     2. We assess your file. We listen to your file to determine the quality of the audio, the number of hours of the audio, and what expertise the job requires (e.g. technical knowledge, medical knowledge, popular knowledge).

     3. We confirm pricing. We confirm the project is covered by our standard pricing model or provide a quotation if very large or complex in some way.   

     4. We email you a confirmed turnaround time.  Typically these are within 24-48 hours.  We can do less by special arrangement.

     5. We assign the project. We take care to assign your project to the transcriber most suitable to the job.   We contact you with any questions, problems, or inconsistencies as soon as they arise. We never wait until after a job is complete to discuss a problem.

     6. We review the project. When the work is complete, we thoroughly review it, checking for any errors and ensuring it has been completed according to specifications and our product standards.

     7. We email you the completed transcript as a Word document or upon request as PDF or simple text document. 


Is uploading audio file via internet the only method you accept?

We are flexible. If you prefer we download from your FTP site or if the audio file is too large to upload via the Internet or is on CD/DVD/Tape/Memory card, these can be posted/couriered/freighted to us.  We highly recommend sending a copy rather than original to avoid the risk of being lost in transit.


Why use a virtual transcriptionist?

You only pay for the time it takes to transcribe your transcripts. We are cheaper than employing an in house typist or even a temp. You have no other overheads. Our transcription service can be used as much or as little as you require - some clients use our transcription services daily, others a few days a week or a few times a year.

Don't take up your time transcribing lengthy interviews that creates extra work - your focus is required elsewhere. Let us do the job we are experienced and skilled at. We maintain high standards in speed, accuracy and client privacy.


What are your Payment Terms?

We accept payment by cheque, EFT, credit card and PayPal. Payment of cleared funds is required prior to issuing the transcribed work.   Generally payment via PayPal and credit card avoids delays due to clearing of funds, which may occur for other forms of payment.


What file format do you accept?


Recordings from any Technology Ten call recorder. We accept files on DVD, CD and all size cassettes. Using the latest technology we are able to transcribe virtually all digital file formats. Due to their large size, files in wav format can be converted to a compressed format, for example - wma or mp3 in order to send via the Internet. You can use this wav file converter.


What about confidentiality?


Technology Ten respects the sensitivity of client material entrusted to us for transcription. Clients may request a Confidentiality Agreement to be sent to them, or we are happy to sign one provided by you. All transcriptions and audio files are the property of our client upon completion and Technology Ten will make every effort to destroy any audio files or transcripts once deemed appropriate to do so.


Technology Ten uses experienced contract typists who are bound by the same privacy policy stated here, as well as any Confidentiality Agreements agreed to by Technology Ten.



Do you offer hire recorders?


We have a range of call recorders and dictation recorders available for hire or purchase. Please contact us for more information.


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