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 Green IT

Green Computing & Communications (Green ICT / Green IT)

It’s a good thing for the environment and for your pocket

We all use and comprehend the word ‘Green’ (environmental perspective) in many and varied ways, but what does it actually mean to us and its relevance to computing & communications technology (ICT)? 

Well designed and manufactured ICT products should significantly impact and improve quality of life as well as provide significant business (customer) benefits, a concept that Technology Ten has undertaken as a key business strategy.

The right type of ICT solutions will not only provide significant benefit to people and business, but also help create a cleaner environment by replacement of more environmentally ‘unfriendly’ solutions.

In real terms, modern ICT has a significant role in helping improve all these areas.   Modern ICT systems rely upon a mix of people, networks, hardware and software, and must cope in addressing increasingly sophisticated problems. 

ICT manufacturers do vary greatly in their design and manufacture and thus there environmental efficiency and the business benefits provided, they are not all the same.

We do things differently at Technology Ten.

A simple relationship table on some of the questions we ask ourselves when developing a product and the results Technology Ten endeavours to achieve.

People & Environment

Providing for people as individuals and as collective whole.  The maintenance of the environment is a key consideration.



The needs of business to remain competitive and generate growth & profit.


Technology Ten


Improve quality of life from use of product with reduced carbon footprint.


Is the product really needed?




1.   Return on Investment (ROI).


2.   Customer satisfaction


Telephone Call Recorders for example help provide the following the benefits:

1.      Track and correct customer related issues (sales, contract, orders and Quality assurance of your staff)

2.      Reduced litigation, by confirming verbal contracts and instructions.

3.      Improve business from telephone sales and help desk staff via call quality and assurance assessment techniques

4.      Avoid confusion, do not rely on vague memory recollections of calls.

5.      The prime technology towards paperless office and all the environmental and business benefits this provides.  Our server based recorders can even record faxes, never loose that paper based instruction or order again.

Reduced power and air-conditioning costs.

Energy efficient design.

Our systems are low power designs which generate lower wasted heat.   Furthermore all our products are designed to operate in ambient temperatures, air-conditioning is not a necessity.

Reduced redundancy and obsolescence of product.  Purchase cost amortised over a much longer period.

Long product life.

1.    Industrial grade server components commonly used to help ‘future proof’ as best as possible.   Reliability and scalability are key selection criterion. 

2.    Reduced cost of ownership

Lower purchase cost

Reduction of electronic waste by providing Multiple product models to suite specific requirements, however incorporating a common architecture to provide future expansion needs.

Effective and efficient design and material selection. Increased use of recyclable material.

Reliable operation, minimal business disruption. 

Low ongoing costs.

Reliability is designed into a product and cannot be tacked on later.  Nor do we intentionally design in a predetermined level of product life or reliability. We do NOT assume premature product failure by offering maintenance contracts along with product purchase offers.   As is our confidence in our products reliability we DO provide FREE support and full parts and labour waranty.   



Here are some interesting and useful Green WEB sites:

www.recyclingnearyou.com.au search by area or product to find a local recycling centre for computers and a range of other items. 

www.mobilemuster.com.au  depository for unwanted mobile Phones

www.storyofstuff.com   an interesting perspective on whole of product material process cycle.

www.greenpc.com.au/background another locally based reuse and recycle organisation. Start one yourself in your local district.

www.carbonoffsetwatch.org.au  carbon emissions offsets scheme

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