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Buy Polaris, Plantronics or Jabra (GN Netcom) headsets from Technology Ten at competitive prices with 2 to 5 years manufacturer warranty. 


Everyone can benefit from using a headset, from traditional call centre and help desk users, right through to general office staff and senior executives. From the convenience of a corded headset to wireless headsets, there is a model to suit everyone.


Technology Ten supplies only the best brands of telephone headsets, amplifiers and headset accessories from Polaris, Jabra (GN Netcom) and Plantronics at competitive prices. Furthermore, purchase a Soho or Multi-Telephone recording solution and these prices reduce even further, ask us how. 


Why use Headsets?

Headsets provide major benefits including: Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), productivity, ergonomic and health benefits by allowing both hands to be kept free and allowing movement of hand rather than fixed in place holding a normal handpiece, thus avoiding cramps and other related health problems. Secondly, with both hands now free, increases your productivity and capability significantly, from using keyboard more effectively to taking notes to gathering information for clients and other tasks.   


Why use Wireless Headsets?

Break free of your location by using wireless headsets, not only gain the same benefits as provided by corded headsets, but by removing the restriction of cable connection of wired headset, it provides even further efficiency gains. A greater ability to answers calls away from your desk or work in a broader physical range on other tasks whilst still being responsive to taking calls promptly.  Avoid the mad dash to your desk when the phone rings, or worst still, missing that important call.


Why use over the Head versus over the Ear headset?

By far the most popular headset is over the head types, the weight of the headset is spread over a larger area and thus ideal for all day comfort wear. Over the ear types have the benefit of being less conspicuous and less likely to affect hair styles and far more compact.


Why choose one ear or two ear speakers headsets?

Personal preference and your work environment are key factors, if surround noise is an issue and you loose focus and distracted from what the caller is saying, simply block out that distraction by covering both ears with two speaker headset.

However if distraction not an issue and you intend to wear headset most of the day and to avoid the continual removal of headset to consult with your supervisor or others nearby, then the single ear is most suitable as it allows you to listen and focus from either ear.   Great for busy call environments.


Why Noise cancelling microphone?

Background noise is very distracting to your caller,.  If they hear  noisy chatter as in busy call centre or machinery operating, or even simply the conversation from a nearby college.   This can be very distracting to your caller, when the focus should be with your conversation, sales pitch, or simply quality of service the caller appreciates from a clear noise conversation with yourself.   

Noise Cancelling microphones in headsets help to eliminate the background  noise your caller hears so they can focus on what you have to say. Highly recommended for all situations.


Which brand is better?

It often comes to personal choice, since the quality of the headsets from either Polaris, Plantronics or Jabra are the highest in the industry.

Polaris have a great range of corded headsets, provide 3 years warranty (the longest available), are an Australian company and have world leading technologies, such as patented Audio shield hearing protection technology to protect against audio shock. However, they do not produce wireless headsets.

Plantronics - large range of corded headset and wireless headsets.

Jabra (formally GN Netcom) - Large range of corded and wireless headsets.


Which headset is compatible with my telephone?

Simply follow these links below and complete the online questionnaire or download the information chart:


Plantronics headsets

Click the link to view product selector.


From selection provided, select application type, typically it is ‘I want to look up compatibility by manufacturer make and model (non-bluetooth, non-3.5mm connector).  The next step select your model telephone.




Polaris Headsets

Click this link to download compatibility chart.  

http://www.polaris.com.au/files/Compatibility_Guide/Compatibility_Guide_External_20.09.11.pdf  and search for the brand of telephone system.


Jabra (GN Netcom) headsets


From selection provided, select application type, typically it is Desk Phone’.   The next step select your brand and model of telephone handset.



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