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 Reseller Program

We take this opportunity to introduce you to the attractions of partnering with us in a strategic alliance to help your business grow. As a premier partner, we will work to forge a customised strategy with you and your team by taking advantage of the following benefits, and more:

       Generous Discounts

       Special Opportunity Pricing

       Exclusive Product Briefings

       Sales Specific Training

       Advanced Technical Training

       Pre-Sales Technical Consultations

       Sales Cycle Assistance

       Try and Buy Program

       After-Sales Commitment

       Sales Collateral

       Demo Equipment

       Free Tech Support

       Special Promotional Programs

       Product News and Updates


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Online Reseller Application

 1. Who is qualified to be a reseller?

 2.How do I become a reseller?

 3. What type of marketing assistance is available?

 4. What type of support do I need to provide?


1. Who is qualified to be a reseller?
Anyone involved in the computer and telephony business who, on a regular basis, buys products for resell qualifies as a reseller. The reseller must meet some minimum financial and support requirements to become an authorised Technology Ten reseller.  Applicants from a single person business to larger company businesses are welcome to apply.  A prime consideration is given to your existing customer opinions about dealing with you in essence we believe the customer is KING, if customers are happy with you then we are likely to be happy with you.


2. How do I become a reseller?
It is an easy process. Download and complete the reseller application form below and we will contact you to further discuss your specific needs. This form is an application, not an approval of reseller status. Technology Ten reserves the right to refuse. If you are in a rush to get a specific product, call us - anyone in our sales department can help you.


3. What type of marketing assistance is available?
We have an extensive sales and marketing program which generates leads and referrals. We can provide you with some of these customer leads. We can also provide you with promotional literature and training that is tailored to your needs.


4. What type of support do I need to provide?
You should be able to answer basic questions about the operation of our products. You can always refer the customer to Technology Ten technical support if you get out of your comfort zone. 



Please click below to download our Reseller Application form in Microsoft Word format:

(If you require another file format, please let us know)






Reseller Application Form - Microsoft Word Document






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Our special purpose recorders are designed for eSPY, emergency, security, mining and military situations. We offer integration into your CRM or other systems and custom feature development. Call statistics and agent evaluation options provide powerful analytical insight. We also sell telephone headsets and power (UPS) systems to compliment our recording range. YouTube Blog
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