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 Special Purpose Recorders

Recording solutions for:

  Telephones   Security   eSPY covert situations
  VOIP   Emergency   Media broadcasts, TV, radio, journalists
  2 way radios   Mining   Events
  Microphones   Transport   Interviews and meetings
  PA systems   Military   Custom projects


 eSPY    Black Box Call Recorder

A compact unit for call surveillance which is available in v
arious configurations. 

If you need to record a phone or microphone, we have the equipment that will do it!

Every situation is different, so let us determine what will work for you. All we need to know is a few basics, such as phone type and connection, and we can recommend one of our recording solutions. We do not need to know why you are recording, you don't need to tell us, and we won't ask.

Please call or email for a confidential discussion.  

The name says it all, for critical logging of audio history.  A very
compact unit, great for 2way radio call logging, telephones, microphones, etc. 

Available in many standard and customised specifications, including various ruggedised options for high vibration, high/low temperature operation environments, vehicle & machine mounting, weather proof, etc.

  Small, alloy, fanless, mountable enclosure
  AC or DC power options, eg car battery.
  Solid state memory options for harsh environments.
  Simple to set up and operate.

 Satellite Agent TP    AnswerMAX - large capacity answering machine

A solution developed for businesses with both home workers as well as office workers, who want a call recording and agent evaluation system with remote access capability. A modified version of our Satellite Agent product, embedded in a compact chassis with network capability and an ideal home worker solution. Satellite Agent TP fully integrates with our other products in the Satellite range (Satellite Agent and Satellite Manager).


Standalone or centralised network linked.
Local and Network archiving.
Robust security to prevent unauthorised access, replay of calls, call tampering and access to recorder software.
Multi-user access
Call Tagging
Time and date stamping.
Evaluate agents, add assessment ratings, add agent assessment score/rating on per agent call basis, add comments (or customer account number, etc).
 Silent recording - no beeps





AnswerMAX is a large capacity digital answering machine + call recorder + announcement, all in one device. Finally, a large memory answering machine with thousands of hours of recording capacity.  Many features:

Answering machine – Whilst you are away, AnswerMAX will answer the call and provide a message or information to callers, then provide  the option to leave a message or not.

Call Recording – Whilst you’re in, AnswerMAX will record calls automatically or selectively.

Information service – will provide information to your callers without ability for caller to leave a message.

Memo / Dictation – Remotely call in and leave dictation or memo.

33,000 hours of audio recording storage

Time and date stamping of every message

  Inbuilt replay

  Auto-delete old calls after a predetermined time period (days, months, year)

  Tag important calls not to be deleted.

  Compact unit

  Easy DIY installation, no tools needed.


Works on ordinary analogue (PSTN) home or office telephone lines in Australia and most other countries, or analogue extensions off most business phone systems (PBX).  
 Customised Development

Along with constant development of our commercial product ranges with new product and feature releases, we also are bespoke developers (specialty and customised recorder products & software).  Bespoke development may include:

  modifying the hardware and/or software design of one of our existing commercial products

  Integrating one of our commercial products to your system environment.

  Ground level up development may include all or part of:

  Research & Development


  Project Management



The products you see here on our website are our standard offerings. Using these as a base, or creating a new product from the ground up, we can provide precise hand in glove fit of a solution to cover your needs. Call us today to see how we can help.



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Our special purpose recorders are designed for eSPY, emergency, security, mining and military situations. We offer integration into your CRM or other systems and custom feature development. Call statistics and agent evaluation options provide powerful analytical insight. We also sell telephone headsets and power (UPS) systems to compliment our recording range. YouTube Blog
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