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1)       GENERAL

This clause applies to all supplied goods and services (Supplied Items) from Technology Ten Pty Ltd being the subject of these terms and conditions.

a)       Legend of terms and phrases used herein in this document:

i)        ‘Technology Ten’ – refers to ‘Technology Ten Pty Ltd’

ii)        ‘Customer’ – refers to entity that purchased supplied items from Technology Ten.

iii)       ‘Supplied item’ – refers to any Technology Ten supplied good and service.

iv)       “On-site’ – refers to any site other than Technology Ten premises (e.g. customer site).

v)       “Remote support’ – refers to a Technology Ten provided service (e.g. service and support via telephone or network access) from Technology Ten premises or other Technology Ten approved location.

b)       Quotation valid for 30 days from date of quotation unless otherwise agreed by Technology Ten in writing.

c)       Technology Ten quotation and supplied items are all subject to these Standard Terms and Conditions.

d)       Delivery point for supplied items is Technology Ten office, NSW, Australia, unless otherwise agreed by Technology Ten in writing.

e)       Cleared full payment required prior customer pick up or dispatch to customer of supplied items, unless otherwise agreed by Technology Ten in writing.

f)        The governing law for this contract shall be that applicable in NSW, Australia.  Any disputes will be heard in suitable judiciary location in the city of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

g)       All prices stated are in Australian Dollars (AUD$) and all payments to Technology Ten shall be in Australian Dollars (AUD$).

h)       All prices stated exclude Australian government levied Goods Services Tax (GST) or any other imposts levied by Australian or any other Government unless otherwise stated.

i)        Supplied items delivered to:

(1)      Australia and its territories are liable for Australian GST which is applied at the prevailing rate to customer account.

(2)      For goods exported from Australia, currently NO Australian GST applies however should Australian GST or any other Government impost cost apply then these are to customer’s account.

i)        If applicable to a specific supplied item, the appropriate clauses from the following ‘Extended Terms and Conditions’ shall also apply to that specific supplied item in addition to these General Terms and Conditions.

j)        Warranty:

i)        Warranty period commences from date of purchase or when goods despatched by Technology Ten, whichever is the sooner.

ii)        Warranty periods for each Technology Ten Supplied Item as follows:

(1)      Technology Ten supplied good:

(a)      24 Months: for Headsets (Plantronics, Jabra & Polaris brands only)

(b)      12 months: for product ranges ‘Blackbox’, ‘Origin’, ‘Executive’ and ‘Maxi’.

(c)      6 Months: for product ranges ‘Soho Soft’, ‘Soho Portable’, ‘Soho TransPortable’, ‘Satellite’, ‘Soho Mobile’, ‘CallSTORA’ and ‘Call Mynah’

(d)      3 Months: for all other Technology Ten Supplied Good not otherwise stated above.

(2)      Technology Ten supplied service

(a)      3 months: for service only upon Technology Ten supplied goods, however no additional warranty provided for the Technology Ten supplied good.

(b)      No Warranty: for service to non Technology Ten supplied goods.  We cannot guarantee specific results for our services of equipment we have not supplied, however we will operate under the principle of striving to provide the highest quality service and support to best of our ability.

iii)       Technology Ten undertakes to repair or replace (as determined by Technology Ten) faulty supplied items when customer notifies to Technology Ten in writing within the warranty period.  A warranty claim outside the warranty period is subject to the discretion of Technology Ten to recognise or reject such warranty claim.

iv)       Warranty is subject to the following conditions.

(1)      The equipment has not been subject to misuse, liquid damage, accidental breakage, neglect or any other use other than for the purposes of recording conversations or memos. The guarantee does not cover any batteries, DVD media or other consumables supplied by Technology Ten.

(2)      The equipment has not been tampered with or adjusted internally by anyone other than Technology Ten or their appointed agents.

(3)      If a defect occurs the supplied items should be returned to Technology Ten (unless on-site support option purchased) in protective packaging containing a full explanation of the fault, proof of purchase and Technology Ten issued RMA.  Technology Ten does not accept liability for damage in transit and we strongly suggest using recorded delivery service to prove delivery.

k)       Returned Material Authorisation (RMA)

i)        Approval from Technology Ten is required prior return of supplied item for warranty or any other reason.  Application for approval will only be considered by completing the RMA form available for completion and submission directly from Technology Ten web site (www.technologyten.com) under section titled ‘Warranty’ or contacting Technology Ten for an RMA form to be sent out to you.

ii)        Once RMA application approved by Technology Ten, an RMA number will be supplied which must be clearly marked on outside of parcel and clearly identified as RMA number, otherwise Technology Ten may not accept delivery.

iii)       This warranty does not affect customer statutory rights.

l)        Liability

i)        Technology Ten expressly excludes to the extent permitted by law liability for any consequential loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with any Technology Ten supplied item.

ii)        No liability can be accepted by Technology Ten for any:-

(1)      Loss of data.

(2)      Failure of supplied item to operate.

(3)      Consequential losses or damages under any circumstance.

m)      Technology Ten expressly states to the extent permitted by law that these conditions may vary without prior notice.   Later releases of these terms and conditions shall immediately render prior releases null and void.

n)       Payment

i)        A Technology Ten invoice will be issued to customer for payment.

ii)        All prices stated are in Australian Dollars (AUD$) and all payments to Technology Ten shall be in Australian Dollars (AUD$) unless otherwise stated by Technology Ten in writing.

iii)       Cleared and full payment is required by the due date stated on Technology Ten invoice. 

iv)       Failure to pay by the due invoice date may result in the debt being turned over to a collocations agency and reporting to credit bureau. The Customer will be responsible for all costs incurred by Technology Ten, collection agency, courts and other associated costs incurred by litigation for failure to pay.

o)       Technology Ten works shall be deemed to commence from time Technology Ten starts works, irrespective whether customer is ready or not. Technology Ten minimum charges and reimbursement of costs shall apply if customer delays or postpones Technology Ten works.

p)       Technology Ten shall perform all works during Technology Ten normal business hours in one continuous session or multiple sessions if required.




If applicable to a specific supplied item, the following clauses may apply in whole or in part to a specific supplied item in addition to the above General Terms and Conditions.



i)        This clause applies to On-Site Supplied items if appropriate.

ii)        Customer shall provide the following prior commencement of Technology Ten works:

(1)      Free and easy access to site including safe working environment and conditions.

(2)      Cable installation, cable termination and configuration of all services & circuits from customer site to supplied items as required.  Such services & circuits may include but not limited to:- power, telephone network, data network, 2-way radio, microphones, speakers, etc as required).  All such services & circuits must be compatible in all respects with supplied item.

(3)      All necessary services & circuits to be provided within 1 metre of location of supplied item.  These services & circuits shall be terminated to appropriate termination device or directly to supplied item, as required. 

(4)      Examples of how some specific services & circuits are to be supplied and terminated:

(a)      Customer telephone cabling terminated to Krone block & frame assembly. The Krone block & frame assembly to be mounted on wall or equipment mounting rack as appropriate.

(b)      Supplied item input cable to be terminated to above Krone block and frame assembly.  This requirement generally covers larger capacity call recorder being the supplied item in which case the input cable (typically 1.2 metre in length) is supplied by Technology Ten for customer to terminate as mentioned.

(c)      240 Volt AC power to standard outlet.

(d)      Data network cable terminated to RJ45 plug suitable for direct connection to corresponding socket located on supplied item.

(e)      Suitable mounting location for supplied item.

(5)      Customer to be ready for Technology Ten site works within 4 weeks (or mutually agreed alternate timetable in writing) of supplied item being ready or despatched to customer, whichever is the sooner time. 

iii)       Technology Ten shall provide:

(1)      Place supplied items to physical location provided by customer.

(2)      Connect the services and circuits provided by customer to supplied item.

(3)      Commission supplied item which will include setup, configuration and testing to operational ready condition or as close as possible to operational ready condition as determined by Technology Ten within limitations of services and circuits not fully provided by customer at time of commissioning.

NB: return site visit by Technology Ten is at extra cost to customer if customer services and circuits are not fully available at time of Technology Ten commissioning.

(4)      Training to operational level of supplied item to customer staff immediately after completion of Technology Ten installation and commissioning works.  Training session is limited to 5 customer staff and total of one (1) hour maximum duration.



i)        For the stated minimum rental/hire period in Technology Ten contract or offer document, the customer is liable for payment of total rental cost for this minimum period irrespective if the rental/hire equipment is not used, disconnected during this minimum time period or extension of this time period or returned ahead of minimum time period.

ii)        Rental/Hire period is for one continuous session.

iii)       Extension of minimum rental period:

(1)      The customer at any time prior expiry of minimum rental/hire period may make application to Technology Ten to extend the rental/hire contract period.   Technology Ten at its discretion may extend the rental/hire period at the prevailing agreement rate or provide an alternate offer for customer consideration and approval.

iv)       Along with warranty provisions already stated herein, the following additional benefits for rented/hire supplied items apply:

(1)      Full parts and labour warranty coverage however subject to warranty conditions stated herein including customer to return equipment for warranty repair assessment to Technology Ten office at customer cost and liability).

(2)      Warranty period is continuous for the total duration of rental/hire period.

v)       Technology Ten retains ownership of equipment even whilst on customer site or under customer control.

vi)       Customer must maintain rental/hire supplied item in good working condition throughout the rental/hire period.

vii)      Customer is liable for repair and refurbishment cost to return rental/hire supplied item to similar condition as originally supplied if returned in a lesser condition subject to normal wear and tear.

viii)     The Rental/Hire period is defined as the period from when rental/hire equipment departs Technology Ten office (NSW) until it returns.



i)        Refers to a service (e.g. service and support via telephone or network access) provided by Technology Ten from Technology Ten office or other Technology Ten authorised location.

ii)        Customer shall provide the following prior commencement of Technology Ten works, unless otherwise stated by Technology Ten in writing:

(1)      Free and easy remote access to customer network including safe and secure working environment and conditions.

(2)      Technology Ten will use their standard remote access tools.  These tools shall include but no limited to hardware, software, procedures and processes. As these tools may vary from time to time at Technology Ten discretion, the customer can request the tools list that will be used for customer’s particular situation and works.

(3)      Customer to be ready at the time (or mutually agreed alternate timetable in writing) for Technology Ten remote support including but not limited to customer contact staff, site and equipment are all appropriately ready for the purpose of remote support.

iii)       Technology Ten shall provide:

(1)      Remote Support via Telephone or Network Access is provided FREE for one (1) Month from date of despatch from Technology Ten of supplied items. After this time this support is available at extra cost.

(2)      For chargeable support to customer, the customer will be invoiced upon completion of remote support or on weekly basis for works completed to-date in case of multiple sessions.

(3)      Technology Ten shall suspend Remote Support works if any unpaid invoices exist beyond the invoice stated payment period.

(4)      Technology Ten shall its discretion also suspend works if customer provisions as stated above are not fully available and complied with as required. If works are suspended, then the supplied works up until that point in time are to customer’s account and scheduling of further works to be mutually agreed and at additional cost to customer.



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