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Welcome to Technology Ten Transcription services, you have reached the perfect destiny for all your transcription needs.


We convert call recordings, dictations and other audio recordings to Text.


Technology Ten offers one grade of service a world class transcription service providing precision, reliability and confidentiality at competitive rates and delivered on time. 


We provide transcription to service the needs of business, government, students, university researchers, solicitors, authors, publishers, journalists, medical, legal, media, emergency services, mining or any individual.


We cover a broad range of tasks such as: Telephone conversations, teleconferences, 2way Radio communications, interviews, podcasts, focus groups, conferences, seminars, business meetings, lectures, legal depositions, TV & Radio talk shows, sermons, thesis, journalist interviews, manuscripts, medical reports, forums, general dictations, correspondence, briefs, legal journal articles, manuscripts, speeches, hearings, panel discussions, surveys and much more.


As well as using experienced typists, before sending any completed work to our clients, the document is proof-read by one of our experienced proof-readers. This is a key point of differentiation that is not provided by the majority of our competitors and sets our quality above the rest.

Our dedicated team of Australian and New Zealand qualified professionals ensures we understand your needs, provide a high level of support and quality assurance.  

Our turnaround times can vary depending on the urgency though from feedback we have found they are also superior to our competitors. Typically we deliver work within 48 hours but can be flexible on this. If the job was under one hour, we could normally get this back in 24 hours and for larger jobs, we will need to discuss prior but 5 working days for the larger batches would be typical.  Of course, we can advise of a turnaround time as soon as we know the volume of work needing to be done.

We take security and confidentially seriously. We have an option of signing a confidentially agreement, either ours or yours, thereby making your project safe and secure.

Wishing to record and transcribe telephone calls, 2way radio communications, teleconferences, investigations, training sessions, meetings, etc  - no problem we can provide both the call recorder, dictation recorder and the transcription service as a bundled package.




Our pricing model is based upon per hour of audio. This means you know exactly how much every file costs, before the work begins.

a.  $180 per audio hour for single or one on one conversation.

Conversational transcript (omitting all unnecessary speech such as ums, ahs, repeated words, emotions, etcetera)

b.  $203 per audio hour for verbatim for single or one on one conversations,

Verbatim transcript (including all speech such as ums, ahs, repeated words, emotions, etcetera)

c.  $248 per audio hour for conversations involving more than 3 participants.

d.  Minimum charge is 5 audio minutes, and billed in 5 audio minute increments or part thereof thereafter.

e.  All above rates are pro rata to 5 minute base blocks.

e.g. based on rate a. above:  $180/60 minutes x 5 minutes = $15

f.   All prices include GST.

g.  For large or complex projects we will provide a quote for your consideration and approval.

h.   FREE - all files are proof read prior to completion in order to achieve the highest possible accuracy at no additional cost.

i.   No surcharge - We operate 7 days per week including public holidays. There is no surcharge for work done on weekends or public holidays.


Work hours

Our transcription service operates 7 days per week, including public holidays. There is no surcharge for work done on weekends or public holidays.  Our aim is to provide you with fast, accurate and affordable transcription.



For more information, have a look at our transcription FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) here.


Our General FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section  here


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