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 UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply


Why do you need to protect your power with a UPS?

Australian business are moving more and more to electronic technology, from Computer systems, telephone systems, office automation and industrial control systems, all require reliable power to operate. Most people think of blackouts (total power outage) as the only power issue to contend with, but there are other equally important reasons for power protection;  lightning surges, machinery starting/stopping surges from nearby industries switching heavy machinery, brown outs (part loss of power), or simply the condition of the power at your premises is severely distorted and variable caused by the many other users  on same power network. All of which can stop machinery, cause mal operation or damage electronic equipment or cause loss of information and productivity. Many people think of power protection similarly to an insurance policy, something you must have but when called upon it can safeguard your business and equipment.  

 Would you risk your business without power assurance?

Typically most power disruptions are short term, unless it is mission critical requirement most commercial applications has little need to size a UPS to run your business for days after power loss. Often a 15-120 minute power support is all that is required. Furthermore all our UPS systems are provided with backup software that can assist to automatically shut down your systems in an orderly manner before UPS power runs out in cases of longer term power outages.

 Help me choose the right UPS product


UPS systems up to 3000VA are user installable on standard 10 AMP GPO power points.  

UPS systems from above 3000VA up to 6000VA generally require 15 AMP power points/circuits.

Above 6000VA are to be installed by qualified electricians and are generally hardwired to your electrical infrastructure.

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