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 Why Record?

Why Record Your Phone Calls?

Verbal transactions cannot be confirmed, they are not worth the paper they are written on ........

A call recorder can help confirm verbal transactions or client instructions.   

‘ I distinctly recall telling your call centre agent I did not want those goods’ ……..

Who is right who is wrong? 

Your Call centre agent was rude and discourteous, I have spoken to my friends about your company, and we will take our business elsewhere?  ……

Often customer complaints never reach you, customers often taken action by taking their business elsewhere rather than complain to you.  Even worse, they influence their friends about your company’s poor service.  Without constant call monitoring for quality assurance, poor call centre agents may affect your business more than you may realise.   

Your business is inherently on the back foot, rightly or wrongly customers seem to see themselves as ‘always right’. The cost of legal litigation or lost business is on the increase. Do you wish to be part of that statistic?   

If a Telephone Call Recorder was installed, the situation may be vastly different. No longer rely on vague memory recollections or deciphering notes. Furthermore as Technology Ten Call recorders time stamp recorded calls, this may be used to match instructions with other events e.g. customers verbal instructions to change order quantity placed before or after cutoff time? 

Over the last few years Call Recorders have become an increasingly commonplace piece of equipment in offices globally but particularly in Australia for many of the reasons stated above. 

Recording customer telephone transactions may eliminate the volume of paper work and administration, better for your bottom line and better for the environment.

Not so long ago the use of call recording was largely restricted to banks, financial institutions and government agencies and Emergency services. While these still form a large part of the call recording market, the use of recorders has grown significantly over the last few years into other market areas such as call centres, home business,  tradespersons, security companies, most small, medium and large business, retail, insurance and healthcare,  In fact anyone or business that uses commonly a telephone or 2 way radio as part of their day to day communications. 

There are many reasons why an organisation might decide to record their phone calls, here are a few:

  Legal Compliance: many industries or situations are regulated to record public interactions, such as company takeovers, shareholder information lines, security alarm monitoring companies, etc.  It is commonplace for insurance brokers and mortgage companies.


  Telephone transactions: it has long been the case that any organization taking financial transactions over the telephone have recorded their calls. The recent growth in telephone sales has been a major driver to call recording.


  Performance: the growth of the call centre has been another major driver for call recording. Most mid-large call centres will have a call recorder (and possibly adjunct evaluation software) in place to help with training and development of call centre agents. 


  Security: many public institutions, particularly those with a high profile or controversial reputation opt for call recording.  


In short, there are a huge number of reasons why an organization might consider call recording – if there is an opportunity for fraud, compensation or illegal activity, there is a need for call recording.


Why risk your business?

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